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Our first collection

Transparency, a primary social value of respect for human relations and of the community.
A personal value that indicates self-consciousness, one’s goals and thanks to which one is perceived transparent to others as well.


Let’s start celebrating!

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We square Your happy hour.

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The Art of receiving

Transparency in the Values and in the Art of receiving.

Convivial transparency, to enhance those moments of conviviality around a table so that none of them are lost. Conviviality represents therefore a very powerful communication tool, values’ transmission, and finally a powerful factor of cultural identity which contributes to preserve and renew the bond with one’s roots.


What is more made in Italy than a “contaspaghetti”?

Disegno QB

Our Pride

Transparency in the Values and in the Art of receiving.

Transparency in craftsmanship, which is not only the traditional one, linked to the use of hands, but is also the digital one or the virtuosity of industrial machinery and innovative and sustainable production technologies. EGO.M wants to give voice to the important role of social catalyst that work has: the dignified profession that, with transparency, creates value and makes proud those who do it by renewing social bonds and sincere and transparent communities in an original way.


High or low, big or small, yellow or blue, ordinary or fancy… our MISSORIUM splits up in 5 for you.

Disegno missorium x5


How many bonds, how many historical movements born around a coffee, how many ideas. What society would it be without a coffee break?

Disegno missorium x3

EGO.M The Project

EGO.M begins its design path by choosing a clear and pure material, perspex, as an engaging and expressive interpreter of transparency values.

In the exceptional historical moment of Covid-19, when all of us have been closed in our homes, limited in enlarged meetings and focused instead on the solidity of our families, /tra·spa·rèn·za/ seemed to be the right collection to work on.

Una rievocazione dalle relazioni umane nella speranza, presto, di potersi nuovamente trovare per condividere, festeggiare, crescere.

A collection with essential shapes, without redundancies, functional to one of the most exciting art in which, especially we Italians, are masters: the Art of receiving.


MISSORIUM X3 and MISSORIUM X5 meet up to give life to all your combinations.

Disegno missorium duo



Un materiale plastico (resina di metacrilato di metile) che per la sua trasparenza ed infrangibilità sostituisce in vari impieghi il vetro.

The main properties of perspex are high transparency, good mechanical strength, excellence resistance to the outside and aging, exceptional stability to light and atmospheric agents and finally the brilliant appearance.

La resistenza meccanica, la rigidità e la durezza sono tra le più elevate nel campo dei termoplastici.


Graphene is a material obtained in laboratories from the exfoliation of graphite and consists of a monoatomic carbon layer, organized according to a crystalline structure with hexagonal cells.
Its very small thickness of 0.3 nanometers allows it to be defined as a two-dimensional material.

It has the theoretical strength of diamond and the flexibility of plastic.
Flexible, thin, durable, transparent, waterproof and sustainable, graphene is the material of the new millennium with ancient roots -graphite- that sink into our daily lives.
With only one atom thick, graphene is today the thinnest and most seductive substance in the world.


We start the music, You toast and dance.

Disegno festa si


Meet up and create bonds. EGO.M comes with You.

Disegno festa grande

Production Techniques


Perspex layers can be cut, milled, drilled, turned, rectified, polished, engraved, glued, printed, funneled, bent, thermoformed.

Cutting with laser technology allows to obtain different thicknesses of methacrylate and to obtain the formats necessary for the project.


To obtain the bending of the methacrylate it is necessary to perform some manual and precision processing. The use of a conductive cylinder as a source of strong heat allows the ideal temperature for bending the perspex layer to be reached. Made the necessary folds as per the design, the processed piece is blocked by weights until the methacrylate is completely cooled.


Il processo di stampa 3D si basa sulla tecnica dell’additive manufacturing che, partendo da uno spazio vuoto, permette alla macchina di depositare materiale solo dove è necessario, strato per strato, fino alla realizzazione del pezzo completo. Attraverso la tecnologia FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) inoltre, si utilizzano polimeri termoplastici innovativi e biodegradabili che vengono elaborati sotto forma di filamenti.

Il filamento PLA (Polylactic Acid), in determinate condizioni, diventa biodegradabile. A seconda degli ambienti in cui viene abbandonato ha una vita media variabile da 1 a 4 anni, contro i +100 delle materie plastiche di utilizzo comune. In condizioni di uso normale ha inoltre ottime proprietà meccaniche e di resistenza agli agenti chimici.


Ritrovarsi: per raccontarsi, per riscoprirsi con un caffè. La collezione trasparenza è RITROVO. E tu, con chi ti vorresti ritrovare?

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