Pocket fountain pen, with a trilobate arched shape, made in graphene filament with aluminum details.

ADA winner 2021
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Fountain pen, with a trilobate arched shape, made in graphene PLA filament and aluminum details.
Each tool is individually made by using innovative additive manufacturing 3D techniques.

The complex unique arched shape turns out to be extremely clean in its design, ergonomic and perfect to be embraced by the three fingers of the hand. A pleasant finishing texture to the touch, with a good non-slip grip. Natural finish in graphite color.

Black ink cartridge included.
Fountain pen nib medium stroke.

Fountain pen closed - length cm 10,3
Fountain pen open with cap - length cm 13,5
Body Diameter cm 1,5
Weight g 23

Distinctive Features CENTO3

In the additive manufacturing production process used, the junction line along the body of the object certifies the slowness and production precision of each piece, enhancing its value of time and the quality of three-dimensional printing production.

Each artifact becomes even more valuable thanks to its own mark, like a scar, unrepeatable and unique for the texture obtained from the processing of the graphene filament, for its tactile pleasantness and for the natural finishing color of graphene.

The trilobate shape allows the writing object not to slip on the table like other circular section pens and gives an ergonomic grip perfect to be embraced by the three fingers of the hand. With three fingers one holds the pen well and communicate his own message.
Con tre dita si impugna bene la penna e si comunica il proprio messaggio.

CENTO3, are the years from the birth of Achille Castiglioni (1918) to the realization and presentation to the public of the writing project of the two architects Castiglioni and Cavaglià (2021).

ADA winner 2021

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Tipologia pennino

Broad, Fine, Medium


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