Tray box EGO.M realized in graphene, it contains 6 half godet watercolors and a professional brush with metal protection cap to put into CENTO3.E


Graphene tray box, designed and realized via three-dimensional printing by EGO.M that, in addition to the function of containing the set, is also used as a surface on which mixing the watercolours with water.

The set includes:

  • 6 Half Godet Watercolors in: ocher, wine red, dove gray, exclusive EGO.Mgraphite, blue and turquoise.

Unconventional colors that follow Achille's words:

"Turquoise as the giant clips' box, dark dove gabardine's trousers,

blue of the cloth jacket, wine red pantone, grey that goes on everything..."

They are fully artisan made using the best natural and mineral pigments and produced with a singular pigment in order to respect Nature authenticity and loyalty to Tradition.

Formulati con pigmento singolo per dare fiducia alla Tradizione e rispettare l’autenticità della Natura.


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