The combination between shape, function and practicality.

Handy and portable atelier EGO.M with trilobate shape, realized in graphene via three-dimensional printing.


Capsule EGO.M with a trilobate shape, in graphene, designed and realized via three-dimensional printing.

Portable atelier that holds the multifunctional art pencil and colored leads ready to find practical and creative solutions.

TRILO-BYME XL includes:

  • CENTO3.E Multifunctional art pencil
  • 1 Ballpoint pen black ink
  • 2 Wax crayons
  • 2 Wax highlighters
  • 1 Lead sharpener
  • 1 Mini white rubber

Dimensions: diameter 3 cm - length 10.5 cm

Packed in a white fabric case EGO.M.


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