Triloby INK


Put Your CENTO3 pocket fountain pen on the podium and keep care of Achille Castiglioni favorite inks.

Set EGO.M for fountain pen writing realized in graphene and PLA with 3D printing.

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TRILOBY INK features:


Ergonomics "according to Castiglioni"

An iconic section, designed by Achille Castiglioni and Gianfranco Cavaglià in 2001, the result of an accurate study on ergonomic handles.


CENTO3 on top

A desk stand, designed and realized in PLA and graphene with 3D printing. It let you place your CENTO3 pocket fountain pen vertically

Keeping Achille's colors

A cartridge case with magnetic closing, it holds 6 ink cartridges with Achille Castiglioni loved colors: dove grey, wine red, turquoise, graphite and blue.

“il turchese delle clip giganti, il tortora dei pantaloni di gabardine, il blu della giacca di panno, il vinaccia del pantone, il grigio che va su tutto”


TRILOBY INK includes:

  • CENTO3.G pocket fountain pen
  • INK: cartridge case with magnetic closing and trilobate shape
  • 6 ink cartridges to use with the fountain pen

Handmade and soft touch packaging with detailed description of CENTO3 project.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 10 × 3 cm

Bio-based PLA polymer and graphene


Artisanal assembly, 3D printing


On request


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