TRILOBY ME is Your portable atelier!!
The combination between shape, function and practicality.

Astuccio contemporaneo e compatto EGO.M a forma trilobata, realizzato tramite stampa tridimensionale con PLA e grafene.

Contiene il multifunctional pen CENTO3 e i ricambi scrittura da inserirci: penna a sfera, grafite, evidenziatori a secco, pastelli a cera. Tra loro intercambiabili a seconda delle Tue necessità.

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TRILOBY ME is a unique product thanks to the combination of six features:

COMPACTNESSThe CENTO3 creative power in just one hand.
TRILOBY ME is compact and so handy. Put it in the bag or in your pocket and it will become your everyday companion.

TRILOBATE SHAPEErgonomics and design.
An iconic section, designed by Achille Castiglioni and Gianfranco Cavaglià in 2001, the result of an accurate study on ergonomic handles.

3D PRINTINGInnovation, sustainability and texture.
A production that through additive manufacturing, starts from an empty space to deposit the material only where necessary until the realization of the complete product without producing any material waste. This layering process gives to the product a special texture that makes the surface pleasant to the touch.

TRILOBY ME is produced using a filament of PLA and graphene: graphite exfoliation, ultra-light and resistant. It is defined as “the material of the future” for its technological potential.

PLA is a bioplastic that derives from natural sugars like cornstarch, it is the real sustainable option to plastic as it is totally compostable and biodegradable.

MAGNETISM - Feel the attraction.
TRILOBY ME is equipped with magnetic closure, resistant to the everyday bumps. You will spend hours playing with it.

PERSONALIZZAZIONEAlways tuned it with your mood.
TRILOBY ME is your creative extension, the perfect companion to the daily frenzy. Because of it, its magnetic caps can be swapped to create the color match that fits your day.


TRILOBY ME includes:

  • CENTO3.E multifunctional pen
  • Lead graphite 5.5 mm
  • Refill ballpoint pen black ink
  • 2 wax crayons watercolor-able
  • 2 highlighters dry and ecological
  • Lead sharpener
  • Rubber .

Dimensions: diameter 3 cm - length 10.5 cm

Hand-made and soft touch packaging with detailed description of CENTO3+TRILOBY ME project.

Additional information


Bio-based PLA polymer and graphene


Artisanal assembly, 3D printing


On request


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