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Make yourself up as an artist!

With just one gesture Your CENTO3 multifunctional tool becomes a watercolor brush.

Watercolor set realized in graphene and PLA with 3D printing.

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  • CENTO3.E multifunctional tool
  • Lead graphite 5.5 mm
  • PAINT box/tray in graphene and PLA, with magnetic closing
  • 6 watercolors Half Godet completely artisanal made with natural and mineral pigments. With Achille Castiglioni loved colors: ocher, wine red, dove grey, EGO.M exclusive graphite, blue and turquoise

"Turquoise as the giant clips' box, dark dove gabardine's trousers, blue of the cloth jacket, wine red pantone, grey that goes on everything..."

  • Watercolor brush for watercolors to put in CENTO3 multifunctional tool, with metal protection cap.
  • EGO.M cup to contain water, realized in 3D printing

Handmade and soft touch packaging with detailed description of CENTO3 project.

Additional information

Dimensions 21 × 10 × 3 cm

Bio-based PLA polymer and graphene


Artisanal assembly, 3D printing


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