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Chapter 1: CULTURE

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“I start writing my story: blank paper and a pencil. What else?“

From “colère” “cultivate”.

As a plant, a tree or a flower, culture needs time to be nourished and grow, it needs care and commitment: these are all essential prerequisites for any creation. Where does a story begins from? It starts from deep roots and solid bases, all taking shape from very small fragments. A book, a word, a dialogue or an image: a collection of personal experiences which slowly draw up our culture as a picture on a blank canvas. Such experiences represent a lifelong luggage to be filled in and to bring tightly along with us. Out of these experiences and of his CULTURE, Kandinskij made his own life picture. And from that moment, K can enter into each person culture as audacious impulse to new creations.

Picture “Blu di cielo”, 1940, Vasilij Kandinskij, Paris Pompidou Centre.