The champion
Fashion designer

Year 1995. A dichotomy that fascinates as well as amazes.

Walking in the street she cannot be unnoticed: heel 12, stylish walk, a smart glance and a conquering laugh. Very much determined and ambitious, she has set up a luxury lingerie brand, 100% made in Italy. With the same confidence, but this time barefoot, she moves on the tatami wearing a judoka black belt fighting with strong competitiveness. Be careful not to upset her: she has always won!

Very much social, surrounded by super models and always on the catwalk, she moves around textiles, precious silks and fine laces with the goal of creating “Excellence to wear”.

Fearless and with an high-pitched voice, as a commander she markes the team pace in Fashion projects, striving for seduction and innovation, creativity and challenge, excellence and golden medals.