The eccentric
Creator of the brand

Year 1999, born in Bologna but the frenetic Milan full of stimuli, colors, fashion, and art has soon kidnapped his heart and given a response to his curiosity. Young and gritty, he spends his days organizing himself and his two thousand appointments, never twice the same throughout the year.

In love with Beauty in its every form and eager to tell everyone about it, Apple has yet not created a memory big enough to contain all his photos. His Instagram page sends an “Alert” to the family when nothing has been posted for longer than an hour… his family, on the other hand, expresses its gratitude.

With a “nascondino biscuit” (Mulino Bianco-Barilla) in one hand and his Mac in the othe, he works on the projects’ graphic part. Between a drink and a stroll he meets young talents with whom sharing ideas to be transformed in realities.