The genius

Year 1999, born in Bologna but since the beginning with a foot in the car. Since very young, instead of crawling, he used his home stairs to practice ski skills: a passion he still cultivates with big sacrifices.

Todays he lives inside his car driving between Ortisei (mountain place) and Porto Verde (seaside); warm or cold weather does not bother him and on the next passenger car seat he always brings his very loyal 3D printer instead of a beautiful girl: your every wish is a filament!

Since teenager, instead of chatting, he drew 3D messages to send to his friends. When renovating home, his desperate parents did confine him in a bunker with an independent generator being tired to live without electricity. Handsome, organised and very precise, “Fede 3D” is the nerd to call for every mechanical or technological problem. At school, teachers let him sit at the professors’ desk.

Con un monitor in grado di competere con i grandi schermi del cinema e assolutamente Microsoft addicted, combatte tutti i giorni con le leggi della fisica per dar vita ai progetti più ambiziosi di EGO.M.