The meticulous
Architect and renderer

Year 1991, born in Bologna and maybe also a little bit in the clouds. His patience is rare and a lot envied. When answering the phone he cheers up and confident offers trust to others. Thanks to a brave dialectic he easily knocks people out.

If it were for him, the only important colours are black, exclusively reserved to his clothes, and green to be used for everything else. Bright green, dark green, fluo green… it is said that green is a relaxing colour: he instead gets into a dizzying circle and it is hard to take him out.

Eye-glasses are another hot issue; one for every outfit and all of them strictly yellow. A wardrobe dedicated to bow ties… his biggest pride.

Database and classification. here is where he finds his pleased peace. He knows how to transform a desire, a dream or an idea into a well structured and detailed project.