The Wordsmith

Year 2000, born among the wonderful mountains that surround Belluno with a cup of tea in his hand and a book in the other. Very high, very thin and a tuft that covers his sweet gaze, he abhors skis and prefers the sled, with which he juggles excellently up and down the mountains.

Searching for mushrooms, long walks and a good novel were his favorite hobbies, then he met EGO.M and calm and tranquility have become distant memories for him, in fact and not. Quiet and thoughtful, he listens to everyone and tries to convey his Zen spirit to the Team members, who thank him and take refuge in his big embrace to be reassured.

If not questioned he does not say a word, but when someone gives him a pen or a keyboard under his fingers, rivers of thoughts overflow on paper combining in an extraordinary culture, a lexicon comparable to Zanichelli, and impeccable grammar..M EGO.M communication with him, is safe!