A poem

Year 1990, art daughter and also art niece. Inevitably, in her blood flows the search for Beauty and geometrical perfection. With fine elegance she draws and designs stories utilizing a balanced mix of fantasy and technicality. Very curious and restless, she works 24 hours a day smiling and extraordinarily patient.

When traveling, she constantly keeps her nose up and an attentive soul as searching for gold. Once founded, her big eyes become full of intense brightness, wonder and surprise. Starting from the reddish stones and loved porticoes of Bologna, she brushes beyond boundaries with beautiful colours.

Citale un titolo e lei ti racconterà la storia di quel libro. Nominale un artista e certamente avrà visitato la sua ultima mostra. Chiedile di un castello e saprà affascinarti con le sue leggende. Ma se le mandi un whatsapp stai certo che non impiegherà meno di un mese per rispondere: il suo rapporto con le tecnologie è di pura intolleranza.

She draws and then thinks, she thinks and then draws, she draws and then thinks. Apparently silent and very serious; inside, instead, a fire of ideas that try to find expression and concreteness on white paper. Exclusively using a pencil. And with perfect lines.