The wise
Chief Executive

Year 1960, born in Bologna just in time for enjoying the seventh league title of Bologna Soccer Club, a fixed point and long-life love. His cheerful and curious spirit and passion for paper scent has led him to EGO.Mwhich he administers and lowers with great patience, trying to convey confidence in everyone.

When in a meeting, topics to be dealt are organized alphabetically, for number of words and with a specific topic time lapse. Precision is a must. At meetings’ end, his ‘to do’ list is always the longest. But woe to mess up with his office documents perfectly disposed and organized: he will immediately notice whether documents aren’t perfectly lined up.

When at the soccer stadium he cheers up but always with quiet control. As a matter of fact only few people have seen him upset; he might be a legend. It is easier to see him emotionally moved.