The volcanic

Year 1990, born in Switzerland, she spends her childhood in Milano, her adolescence in Bologna, her studies in Milano, her work in Bologna where she gets married and finally stops, causing the internal GDP of the State Railways.

Before graduation she could not wait to get her driver’s license so she could travel around Italy and the world, afterwards she realized it was better to enjoy a glass of good wine and let others drive. Always ready to organize parties and banquets, she sentences “Who doesn’t drink with me, let the plague catch him!”.

Already at an early age ready to bargain on everything without leaving respite, there were only two options left: give in to her or attempt suicide. She likes to keep in touch with everyone, and for this reason she is always with the phone in her hand, although thanks to her cheerful tone, people can hear her on the other side of the city without having to dial the number.

Watching out for every penny spent, with the calculator always on and fingers whizzing fast on the formulas of excels’ pages, she always finds the solution for any budget requested by Customers without ever giving up the beauty of the product.